AALA Review Update
Update on the review of AALA following the HSE Board meeting on 12 September 2018 read more...

SAAF & Scottish Government Open Forums on the Review of AALA February 2018
The Scottish Adventure Activities Forum will be hosting three National forums supported by Scottish Government. We would welcome anyone to attend. Please note, with reference to the new proposals from the HSE review, one of the options may impact on activities and activity providers who previously were not required to obtain a licence.   We would urge […] read more...

About Us

Scottish Adventure Activities Forum

Winter walking on Ben nevisSAAF provides a forum for the exchange and sharing of information and views relating to the Adventurous and Outdoor Activity sector in Scotland.

It consists of 16 members, drawn from a wide range of outdoor backgrounds within the commercial, voluntary and public sectors. Tourism, Further Education and Social work are also represented.

Members are appointed in a personal capacity and on a voluntary basis – no fees or expenses are paid.

White water kayakingThey are expected to bring to SAAF their own experience, knowledge, and judgement, but at the same time they are understood as coming from broadly defined “constituencies” with which they are expected to keep in touch, and of whose concerns and interests they are expected to be aware.

An Appointments Committee meets annually towards the end of each year to consider nominations for a three year tenure commencing each January.

If you are interested in nominating please contact the SAAF on:

West Coast Scotland Rock climbingObservers are invited from Scottish Sports Association, Adventure Activity Industry Advisory Committee, SkillsActive, Health and Safety Executive, Adventure Activity Licensing Service, Scottish Government, Sportscotland, Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education, Institute for Outdoor Learning and Association of Heads of Outdoor Education Centres.

Each nominated observer is encouraged to participate at SAAF meetings which take place at least three times a year.

Mountain bikingStrong links are maintained with other related bodies, such as the Adventurous Activities Industry Advisory Committee, Scottish Advisory Panel for Outdoor Education, sportscotland, VisitScotland, and the Scottish Government.

Various organisations and individuals are, where relevant, invited to attend meetings; this allows SAAF to create links with organisations such as Education Scotland, SkillsActive and with individuals working in developing areas.

Click Here for full details of SAAF Terms of Reference

SAAF may be contacted through the Secretary